Paper retention packaging

The most environmentally friendly method for shipping highly delicate products

The first product in this group is the PAPERPAC, which is already widely used in one of the four standard versions or as a solution specifically tailored to its application. In this shipping solution made of sturdy corrugated cardboard with a protruding protective edge, delicate products of various dimensions quickly find their place. Thanks to an environmentally friendly paper insert glued into the corrugated cardboard box, the delicate packaged goods are securely fixed and
provided with shock-proof protection. With the help of their optimised design, the self-adhesive packaging can be quickly set up, rapidly sealed after simple fixing of the goods to be shipped, and thanks to the integrated tear-open aid, it can also be opened without tools.

Thanks to the combination of corrugated board and a paper insert, the shipping packaging is 100% recyclable with waste paper. The flexible paper insert optimally covers and protects the packaged goods and makes the insertion of further filling material such as bubble wrap, foam or paper, unnecessary. Using PAPERPAC saves a significant amount of primary raw
materials and makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment.