clearly warns against the stacking of pallets

die-cut holes for fixation with strapping bands
self-adhesive for fixation ontop of the pallet

General information:

the stacking protection displays can be clearly and visibly attached to the upper pallet surface to hinder the stacking of pallets
with self-adhesive for fixation on upper pallet surface
item length: 600 mm, 2 perforations at 200 mm and 400 mm for separation into 3 stacking protection displays

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Technical product information:

Item no. Internal dimensions in mm Bundle / Pal. Pce. gr / Pal. kg Pallet size in cm overbuilt Quality
SD200 200 x 95 x 95 25 / 4000 91 / 384 125 x 80 x 180 yes 1.20-E-30